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Kent Z Hladnovské rozhlednyI bought my first dog in 1977. It was dalmatian and his name was "Kent z Hladnovske rozhledny". There was a paucity of dalmatians in the Czechoslovakia at the time. Kentīs father "Armin Ze včelí zahrady" was together with his sisters and brothers the first puppy born in the Czechoslovakia. I began to train with Kent, we took part in plenty of dogshows and  he was my good fellow and partner  on all my ways and teenagers actions. He was very teachable (we taught each other), but he had one weakness. He was like erotomaniac. As soon as he felt a bitch "in her days" - the whole training was away and he ran and ran and ran...  He lived 16 years.


BobThe second our dog was Bob. There went some children in the late summer in 1986 in Ostrava and they had a basketful of little lovely crossbreed puppies. Their parents (evidently very irresponsible people) sent out their children to give away their puppies. The puppies were about 5 weeks old and we took one of them, although we already had one dog (Kent) and we lived in a big city at the time. Bob was an exteriorization of doggedness and vitality. His temperament had no limits. He loved fetching, he retrieved almost everything. He wasnīt afraid of anything, except fireworks and storms. He liked other dogs, but he had "terrier" blood and that is why he didnīt funk any fight.  He lived 17 years.


Bob a Beli

I and my wife moved house in 1991. Since the time we lived in the country- in small village at the foot of the Jeseniky Mountains. There I found my little Beli (more likely she found me). It was lovely crossbreed puppy. She was 4 months old and she ran away from her former owner, who didnīt to care a chip for her.  She looked like a border collie, but she wasnīt. She was the most thankful and the most devoted darling I have ever met. She died of mastocarcinoma in 2005 at the age of 13.

Bob died in 2003 an that was why we bought a puppy. It was our first border collie. His name is Azer Meg Bor, but we call him Zero. He grew into a very strong and massive dog with high-quality coat and very friendly nature. As well as Bob he also loved fetching. The ball is the bonniest prize for him. Everything he does, he does with the biggest enthusiasm. Azer loves children, his family, cats and other pets - simply - he loves everything and everyone. Although he likes people very much, he is very good guardian and one of his best favourite activities is training of the defence.  Zero is extremely teachable  and clever, and mainly - he is our faithful friend and we always can fall back on him.

Zero a Belinka

Our dear Beli died in 2005, Azer lost his best friend and we all miss her to this day. We decided to buy another puppy - border collie. I found Polish kennel Never Never Land and we bought Fly. Our little puppy had longer name than she was - Fly Over The Moon Never Never Land! There was no bloodline between Fly and Azer.  Fly a ZeroFly is from a child like this little dragon. She is very fast, strenuous and mettlesome bitch. One of her best favourite activities is training of the defence She also likes jumping, fetching and she is good trailer. ALtough she is so vivid, she is very obedient and controllable.
Both of them can pull very well and they help me to climb every hills. We take part in dogtrekkings.




There also were several dogs who passed through my hands. These were mostly houseless or lost dogs, who were with me only short time- as long as I found a new home for them.
Above mentioned information imply, that we arenīt people, who choose some trendy dog breed, who produce plenty of puppies and who sell them to anybody.Our dogs are first of all our good friends and family members. Their puppies are like our children and that is why they will only be sold to approved homes.

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